Garden / Wedding gazebo


This is a simple product.

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This is one of our premium products which we are certain will become not only a favourite but a heirloom piece. Made to withstand not only the worst of the UK weather but last through time.

The first one we ever produced was as a gift for a family friends wedding. The ceremony was being held in a small hotel with limited settings for pictures. We suggested that gift them an arbour as a present to be used as a prop to pose for wedding pictures.

A simple enough process but the hotel presented us with a challenge with limited access to the wedding venue. The arbour had to be flat packed and because of guests and other events being capable of reassembly using only hand tools.

The arbour is made out of non treated pine. We use untreated pine because pre-treated timber uses unknown chemicals (some of which can be harmful) and is then difficult to treat without the wood being weathered.  Additionally, since

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